Meet Jolie – A life saved

Meet Jolie – A life saved

Susan ( Jolie) came from Rio Rancho Animal Welfare. She was found on the street starving

She went to Rio Rancho Emergency Vet Clinic where Dr. Chamney did x-rays and found a foreign body in Susan’s intestine. Emergency surgery found she had eaten rope and her intestine had perforated.

Following surgery, Dr. Chamney took Susan home with her to keep a close watch.

Susan now is gaining weight and wearing pearls.

Susan’s invoices are $6,000 so far. Our ability to quickly get her to the vet because of your donations helped save her live.

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  • Is Jolie still available?

  • I saw him. Poor baby boy. How is he doing? We live in Logan, NM our nearest vet is 24 miles 1 way. If he is not going to require alot of medical attention, I will definitely take him. My mother lost her boston, Lady, in Feb 2 weeks after my dad died. She is so lonely and loves Bostons. I think Bubba would be a perfect addition. How much is he and what are his medical needs. Do you know his age? You are welcome to call me at 575-403-6394. We are interested in a member of the family right away.

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