We rely on your donations

We rely on your donations

Dear Boston Terrier lovers,

When the rescue started in 1999 our work was mostly rehoming Bostons and any version of the Boston.  We always provided spay/neuter and vetting that prepared each Boston for a new home. It was a pretty defined lane we traveled.

Now, we are a part of a freeway with many fast moving lanes that cross over and take many unexpected turns. Dog rescue has morphed into Dog Welfare and this is especially true since covid.

Shelters are full, clinics are overwhelmed , dog owners stressed financially ,so, rescues are taking pathways that take us to new and unfamiliar places.

The only way to keep up financially is to request those who appreciate our work donate any amount monthly. A donation of $5 is not too small and there is no among too large.  We have over 6,000 Facebook followers and if everyone donated $5 each month we could begin to stabilize this out of control situation.

Last week is very representative of what we see:

Pops from Lubbock was diagnosed with heart worm,,, $2,000

Finnegan has had both eyes removed…. $5,000

Roxy Rue eye patch  ……………..  $3500

Bluto… eye surgery being scheduled

Neuter for Dodger  $600

Roxy Rue   eye surgery… $2500

We are helping Olive in her fight against Parvo, Mimi and Daisy battle cancer, Callie and Lily receive physical therapy.  There are so many more not listed here. 

We have had several friends of the rescue include the rescue in their estate planning and this has kept us afloat.  But, no one ever anticipated the expenses we now encounter weekly.

Rescue are ceasing to exist the demands are so great. We are reaching out to everyone to include Milagro Boston Terrier Rescue of New Mexico in their monthly giving. This keeps your donation local. Sharing specifically where your money made a difference is something we love to do. Every penny helps a dog in need!

Your monthly donation can be set up through paypal, or as a transfer from your bank directly.

If a good old fashioned check is more your speed they can be mailed to 


att: Mitzi Hobsobn

PO Box 2332,

Corrales, NM 87048


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