Honoring Roberta’s Light: A Legacy of Love for Animals

Honoring Roberta’s Light: A Legacy of Love for Animals

The loss of Roberta Valdez leaves a gaping hole in our hearts. A dear friend, a tireless supporter, and the beating heart of our animal rescue, Roberta was tragically taken from us in an act of domestic violence.

Roberta’s unwavering compassion was a beacon, touching countless lives – both human and furry. While the pain of her absence is deep, her love lives on in the four precious pups she cared for: Daisy, Tigger, Buddy, and Copper.

Daisy, a fighter just like Roberta, battles cancer with VCA’s care, thankfully supported by our rescue efforts. Buddy, the wise and lovable Pittie mix, embodies Roberta’s gentle strength. Copper and Tigger, sweet and social, radiate the kindness she showered upon them all.

In their bright eyes, we see a reflection of Roberta’s spirit. Let’s honor her memory by fulfilling her legacy: finding each of these dogs a loving, forever home.

Together, let’s turn our grief into action. You can be a part of Roberta’s ongoing story by fostering, adopting, or volunteering your time. Many have inquired about donating to our rescue in her name – find the PayPal link below.

In Roberta’s absence, let her legacy of love and compassion for animals continue to shine brightly.

Ways to Honor Roberta’s Legacy:

  • Foster or Adopt: Give one of Roberta’s precious pups, or another animal in need, a loving home.
  • Volunteer: Share your time and talents with our rescue, just as Roberta did.
  • Donate: Help us continue Roberta’s mission of care by contributing to our rescue efforts. https://www.paypal.com/donate/?hosted_button_id=REKGKG3S4PVFE

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