The requirements in order to be considered as an adopter are:

– 21 years of age or older
– Have ID showing your present address
– Have the knowledge and consent of your landlord if you rent
– Be financially and physically able, and willing to care for, and spend the time and money necessary to provide training, medical treatment, and proper care for the pet. Proper food and veterinarian care can be costly.
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– Arrange a home visit prior to placing a dog in your home. Home checks may be made on a random basis prior to or following an adoption.

We do not have a lot of BT’s come into rescue, which is good! We do have a lot of people and families seeking to adopt through Milagro Boston Terrier Rescue – New Mexico; however, our main goal is to match our dogs to the best-suited homes based on the individual dog’s needs.

If acquiring a dog immediately is your goal, rescue may not be for you. If you are willing to wait for the right rescue dog to come to you, you an ideal candidate for MBTR. It could be days, weeks, or months before we find a Boston Terrier that we feel is a good match for you. These precious dogs are well worth the wait.

We carefully screen potential adopters with an application, interviewing adopters, and visiting homes. Adoptive homes must have fenced yards because we do not place dogs in situations where they will be chained out or allowed to run loose. Prior to placement, we learn as much as we can about the dog’s history and temperament: is he/she good with children, other dogs, cats? Everyone needs to be happy as a result of the adoption process.

We are very careful about the placements we make. We do our best to match the right Boston with the right adoptive home because we want this to be the dog’s permanent and forever home.

We immunize, microchip and spay or neuter all dogs before adoption: therefore, if the adoptive home has other pets, we we require that your existing pets are also sterilized, up to date on vaccines, and microchipped.

We do not charge an adoption fee. We do ask that you give a donation to our rescue to help us continue our efforts. Each dog that we take in costs a minimum of $300. Please consider that when making your donation after an adoption.

An adoption Application will be necessary before any dogs are placed in a home, on a trial basis, or permanently.