Ask For Help

Ask For Help

Are you having difficulties with your Boston Terrier that are leading you to consider giving the dog away? Before you make the decision, we would like to help you find solutions that will allow you do keep your dog as a member of your family. While we can’t guarantee miracles, we do have extensive experience in dealing with a multitude of issues and can certainly offer suggestions and alternatives to giving up your dog.

If you do not find a solution there please Email or call us and let us know about your particular situation. Please make sure you include your name, address (including city and state) and phone number and the names and ages of all the pets in your home. If the Boston is causing problems in your home, let us know what they are and what actions you have taken to improve the situation.

Let us know if you have or are willing to consult a trainer who can teach the dog and you to change behaviors. Sometimes a behavior can be changed with a little work and a family is able to keep their dog.
This is the preferred solution.

If you have arrived at the conclusion that there is no other solution than to relinquish your dog to rescue, then the first step is to contact us and fill out the Surrender Agreement. The Surrender Form Agreement allows us to take custody, provide medical care, and place the dog in a new home. Please be sure you want to surrender your Boston before you sign the Owner Relinquish Agreement and give us the dog. Your signature represents a permanent decision on your part. The form can be found on the forms page.

We will ask you for any medical records you have for the dog and the name and contact information for your vet. We may ask you to have your vet fax copies of your dog’s file to us. Vaccination and license paperwork is very helpful because it will allow us to avoid unnecessary duplicate vaccinations if the dog is up to date.

Finally, we will agree on a time and place for you to bring the dog to us. Please bring along anything that belongs to the dog. Its own collar, leash crate, bowl, FOOD, bedding, and toys will ease the dogs transition into foster care. Many Bostons suffer an upset stomach and diarrhea when their food changes suddenly. A supply of the food your dog has been eating, at least several days worth, will help its digestive system make the transition. We try to make the dog as comfortable as possible as it leaves on home and joins another.
Please understand that we consider adoptions through our organization to be closed, meaning that we do not reveal the identities of either the surrendering or adopting parties. Your privacy will be protected. While we stay in contact with the families who adopt Bostons through our rescue to make sure everything is going well; we do not stay in touch with the families that surrender dogs to us.

If we are not able to take your dog into our rescue or you wish to place it yourself, we may be able to help by listing your spayed or neutered Boston on our website. We offer this as as service to you and your Boston, and we do not charge a fee, although a donation would be very appreciated.

Because of increased costs faced by our rescue, and limited funds, we ask, but do not require, a donation to surrender your Boston. Our costs are lofty when we have to provide a spay or neuter; $200-$400. Shots and health check; $100. Some dogs require additional medical care / expense before placement. Even though we must find ways to cover expenses for the Bostons in our care, our first interest is in the welfare of the dog.