We are in desperate need of foster homes. Can you help? Email a Foster Application (word/pdf) to us.

Without our Fosters it would be impossible for us to continue our rescue efforts, because we do not have a shelter where we can house dogs.

As a foster home, you can provide a safe spot. You provide food, water, an indoor home for the dog, and most importantly of all, nurturing care and love. We will help you evaluate the foster dog so that we all can find the best home for them. You will be responsible for taking the dog to the vet for any necessary routine veterinary care, and MilagroNMBTR will pay for any vetting.

Some foster dogs come directly from loving homes and will often fit right intoyour household routine, while others may not be so lucky and may need to learn about what it’s like to be part of a family. Although those dogs may be more of a challenge to foster, they also provide huge rewards as you see their personalities unfold and their confidence grow. You truly have the opportunity to teach them what love means. The length of the fostering experience depends on the circumstance. If you try fostering and then find that you absolutely can’t let your foster dog go, there is a solution. You can adopt your foster dog. We have had this happen MANY times. Foster parents will get the first chance at adopting their foster dog.

Requirements to foster:
-Fill-out an Application (word/pdf)
-Allow a home visit
-Provide transportation for needed vet visits
-Basic feeding supplies (quality dog food, food bowl, water bowl)
-Love and care for your foster

Your welcomed donations of items for auctions, food, toys, leashes, collars, your time volunteering, and of course, financial donations are truly appreciated!